Industry Professional

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The 'Industry Professional' award  mirrors the outstanding work done commercially and in the paddlesports industry.

Nominees can include the likes of adventure and travel operators; sponsors and partners; product designers, manufacturers and distributors; sales outlets and so on.

The beauty of this category is that, in addition to the businesses and operations that support paddlesports, it encompasses many individuals, groups, committees and organisations who, either nationally or internationally, have for example:

  • facilitated the growth and development of paddlesports
  • been instrumental in the safety and development of worldwide paddlers
  • led research into technological innovation
  • established partnerships that have brought paddlesports to wider audiences


The nominee must have been actively involved in paddlesports over the last year.

The 'Industry Professional' award 'was formerly known as 'Paddlesport Professional'. Following the sheer diversity of nominees received for the 2014-15 cycle in this category, a decision was made by Academy Members to split this award into two; 'Industry Professional' and 'Foundation Award'.



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