(2017 ☆ ARCHIVED) Josef Fuksa Sr - Czech Republic

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JOSEF FUKSA Sr (Czech Republic) - Nominee for the 2017 Foundation Award (Fuksa Sr pictured left)

  • Born: 1945; Sport: Sprint Canoe; Represents: Czech Republic

Josef Fuksa’s coaching career has spanned over 53 years and has seen him coach numerous athletes to become World Champions. However, his athletes’ results isn’t the only thing that makes him an amazing coach. The culture he fosters and the unique environment that he has created at the canoe club he coaches at in the Czech Republic that has allowed so many athletes to succeed, on and off the water.

Josef has raised hundreds of paddlers in Nymburk in the Czech Republic, including his son Petr and his grandson Martin, both senior World Champions. Josef and Petr now both coach Martin who this year won five World Cup races (3x C1 1000m and 2x C1 200m), became the European and World Champion in C1 500m (he won the European Championship for the fifth time in a row in and the World Championship for second time in a row in C1 500m) as well as winning a silver medal in the C1 1000m. He has also set the World best time for the C1 500m during the 2017 European Championships in Plovdiv.

Paddling out of the Nymburk Canoe Club, that the athletes have renamed ‘The best boathouse in the world,’ Martin and his training partners believe the culture that Josef has created nurtures success. Away from results, the atmosphere of this unique club, lead by Josef Fuksa, allows athletes of all shapes and sizes to engage with and support one and other both on and off the water. This has created a clubhouse that many people come to just hang out and have fun with their friends. 

During the 2017 ICF Canoe Sprint World Championships in Račice six athletes that represented the Czech Republic previously trained at or are still training in Nymburk. At a national level, paddlers from Nymburk also had many successes from juniors right through to veterans.

Josef Fuksa’s ability to inspire, nurture and create champions is second to none. However, it’s the inclusive and motivating environment that he has created for all paddlers at the Nymburk Canoe Club that sets Josef apart from other coaches. His dedication and passion for the sport is incredible, and as a result he is a deserving nominee for the Foundation Award.


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