Nomination and voting procedure for the World Paddle Awards

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The nomination and voting process for the second World Paddle Awards. For a larger version you can drag the picture to your desktop.


  • The voting procedure for 2018 will be the same as for the previous cycles. 


Explanation voting and nomination procedure

  1. Nominating - Phase I. The World Paddle Awards kicks off with a nomination campaign where anyone can submit their favourite nominees. Also Academy members are allowed to submit.
  2. Nominating - Phase I. The hundreds of nominations are filtered to approximately 6-9 nominees per award category. Filtering takes place by the Academy and other external paddlesport experts, coordinated by the WPA Director. One of the conditions is that the group of 50-60 nominees in total has to be a reflection and showcase of the sport, the disciplines, the community, the industry and so on. In order to achieve this 'reflection and showcase of the sport' the WPA appreciates the fact this might actually take several WPA cycles (years).
  3. Voting - Phase II. The nominees are announced on the WPA website where everyone can start voting for their favourites. Both the public and the Academy vote at the same time (in parallel).
  4. Voting - Phase II. The public and Academy votes are consolidated. More information about the voting below (after the ceremony the voting-results are made public; for example the 2014/2015 World Paddle Awards).
  5. Announcing - Phase III. The finalists are publicly announced on the WPA website.
  6. Announcing - Phase III. The winners are informed privately & confidentially. Travel arrangements to the WPA Host City are made.
  7. Announcing - Phase III. The winners are announced at the WPA ceremony.


Voting - Academy

The Academy votes twice:

  • Round I: the Academy votes to decide the 'Top 3' for each of the award categories. These three nominees per award category continue to the second round of voting;
  • Round II: the Academy votes again to decide who is number 1 (3 points), number 2 (2 points) and number 3 (1 point). See example (Round II) below.

voting academy world paddle awards example 2015 2016 sportscene nelo


  • In the example above 'Nominee 1' has the highest score with 38.88% (7 points). This does not mean this nominee has won because the Academy vote has to still be consolidated with the Public vote (below).
  • Academy members cannot vote in certain award categories if there is a connection such as family, employee and so on.
  • In theory the maximum score of the Academy vote for a nominee is 50%. In practice this will be hard to achieve (probably 40-45% maximum) since the Academy does not meet and discuss how to vote: voting is private, individual and submitted online. 


Voting - Public

The public can click the big 'thumbs up' at the bottom of the nominee profile(s) of their choice. The Facebook, Google+ or Twitter buttons can also be 'clicked' but do not count as a vote. Below an example of public voting:


  • In the example above 'Nominee 2' and 'Nominee 4' have the highest score, both 30%. This does not mean these nominees have won because the Public vote still has to be consolidated with the Academy vote (above).
  • The Public can nominate people for the Lifetime Achievement award but is excluded from voting. Only the WPA Academy can vote for nominees in this category.
  • * The maximum score in the Public vote for a nominee is 45%. Example: a nominee scores 60% of the Public vote, but this number will be capped off to 45%. The scores of the other nominees remain unchanged.


Voting Consolidated

The winner in this example is 'Nominee 4': 33.33% (Academy) + 30% (Public) = 63.33 %-points.

Second is 'Nominee 1': 38.88% (Academy) + 15% (Public) = 53.88 %-points.

And so on.

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