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FINN LARSEN (Denmark) – Nominee for Lifetime Achievement Award

For over 45 years Finn Larsen (1951) has been dedicated to the continual development of canoeing in Denmark. His tireless commitment to the Maribo Kayak Club and the national federation has seen Denmark become one of the leading countries in sprint canoeing today.

Finn started paddling at the age of 18 and within a very short time had won a series of Danish Sprint Championships before turning to the Marathon discipline where he had his best results. Not long after taking up paddling Finn started coaching at the Maribo Kayak Club, where he has since dedicated an unprecedented amount of time to the development of athletes as well as helping out with general club work. Nothing is ever too hard for Finn.

In addition to being the Chairman of Maribo Kayak Club and holding various other posts, Finn was also chairman for the Sjaelland-Lolland-Falster Region and a member of the Board of Danish Canoe- Kayak Federation. He has also been active in the sports committee under the Danish Canoe- Kayak Federation, and was the National Canoe Marathon Coach for many years.

Throughout his years as a coach Finn has been responsible for many talented athletes who were born and raised at the Maribo Kayak Club. Finn was the development coach for many great athletes including:

  • 1994: World Marathon Championships, Lars Koch Gold K1, Bettina Hovmand Larsen Silver K2, and Thomas Christiansen Bronze K1.
  • 2008: Beijing Olympic games, Rene Holten Poulsen  Silver K2 1000. This was the first time a member from the Maribo Kayak Club was nominated for Olympic Games.
  • 2014: Junior European Championships and Junior World Championships, Emma Aastrand Jorgensen Gold K1 500 and K1 200.
  • 2015: World Sprint Championships, Rene Holten Poulsen Gold K1 500 and K1 1000. 

  • 2016: Rio Olympic Games, Emma Aastrand Jorgensen Silver K1 500 & Rene Holten Poulsen 6th K1 1000.
  • 2017: World Sprint Championships, Emma Aastrand Jorgensen Silver K1 200 & Bronze K1 500 & Rene Holten Poulsen Silver K1 500.

No matter the age, ability or results of Finn’s athletes, he is always proud of their achievements. Whether he/she has been paddling better and faster than expected, executed a race perfectly, or followed their mutual agreements prior to the competition, he is happy. Accomplishments like this seem to be just as big a victory for Finn Larsen as any of them, which is what makes him such a special character. 

Off the water Finn Larsen is also involved in the local and regional council. He is currently a member of the Board of Public Youth and Adult Education Council in his region, and also on the Board of Sports Council. He is performing these duties in conjunction with his coaching job at Maribo Kayak Club, on top of all of the other tasks he is performing within local, national and international kayaking. 

As a previous nominee in this category, the World Paddle Awards acknowledges the fact that these achievements and contributions to the sport do not diminsih and in Finn's case are ongoing. Consequently, the nominees who finish second in this category each year will be renominated moving forward. The whole paddlesports community will be forever greatful for Finn's passion and committment to the sport and as a result he is again nominated for the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Finn Larsen has gained the following awards/honors:

  • 1981: Honorary Diploma from Danish Canoe-Kayak Federation 

  • 1987: Honored with the Silver Needle from Danish Canoe-Kayak Federation 

  • 1991: Honored with the Kongshvile trophy 

  • 2002: Honored with the Gold Needle from Danish Canoe-Kayak Federation 

  • 2010: Honorary Diploma from the National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation 
of Denmark (DIF). 

  • 2013: The Talent Award from Team Denmark for having been primus motor in developing 
talents in Maribo Kayak Club for many years 

  • 2016: Member of Honor of the Danish Canoe-Kayak Federation.

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