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BO-MARCUS LIDSTROM (Sweden) - Nominee for the 2017 Foundation Award

Bo-Marcus "Bobbo" Lidström has been a prominent figure in the world of canoe slalom and downriver since the 1980s. In his thirty years of involvement, Linstrom has made his mark as an athlete, coach and most importantly, as a developer of the sport.
He is the coach behind Sweden' s first canoe slalom Olympian and the brains behind the first artificial whitewater course in Northern Europe.

Before his contribution to the whitewater kayaking, there were limited resources or programs available for athletes or the public in Sweden. His creativity and motivation has made him a pioneer in the systematic development of Canoe Slalom in Scandinavia. Bobo is the president of the Falu Canoe Club and has actively been involved in the organisation of the club for the past ten years. Falu Canoe Club is the most successful Scandinavian club in whitewater competition and recreational paddling. It is no doubt that Bobo has left a long term legacy for the sport in Scandinavia, paving a pathway and bright future for young northern European paddlers. 

The ex slalom athlete is the initiator, developer and owner of the new Falun Whitewater Park. The overarching mission of the ex-slalom athlete is to make whitewater sports grow in Scandinavia. That is why the venue is designed for whitewater disciplines, recreational rafting and tourism. After a successful business plan proposition, the council of Falun voted for the construction of northern Europe’s first whitewater venue. Construction is underway and the whitewater stadium is set to open in May 2018.

In addition to being president of the club and owner of the whitewater park, Bobo is a chief physician at his regional hospital, specialising in gastrointestinal and liver pathology.


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