(2016 ☆ ARCHIVED) Justine Curgenven - Cackle TV Productions

Justine Curgenven canoe kayak sea ocean tv productions media world paddle awards sportscene nelo

JUSTINE CURGENVEN - CACKLE TV PRODUCTIONS (Great Britain) - Nominee for the 2016 'Media Professional' award.

Cackle TV Productions create professional Sea Kayaking videos. They are most well known is their ‘This is the Sea’ series but they have just about every other sea kayaking topic covered, from technique & rescue instructional videos to documentaries following epic journeys.

Justine Curgenven is the central figure at Cackle TV and her achievements seem unlimited. Justine is an expedition sea kayaker and adventure filmmaker. Her programmes have aired on the National Geographic Channel, as well as the BBC and other networks, winning a host of awards including ‘best adventure film’ at the Banff and Kendal Mountain film festivals. 

Justine was originally a competitive hockey player who then transitioned to kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. Recently she has been focusing on sea kayaking to the extent that she has been named one of the UK’s top living explorers and invited to meet the Queen at a Buckingham Palace reception for adventurers. 

Justine Curgenven canoe kayak sea ocean tv productions media world paddle awards sportscene nelo

Justine has an extensive list of sea kayak expeditions to her name, many of which she has documented for Cackle TV:

  • The first all-female circumnavigation of Tasmania
  • The first kayak circumnavigation of Wales (by sea, river and canal)
  • A 2,400km, 67-day circumnavigation of the South island of New Zealand
  • A 500 mile circumnavigation of Sardinia with Barry Shaw
  • Kayaking from London to France in fifty hours with Sarah Outen
  • Crossing the Bass Strait

Justine has worked with and featured some of the world’s greatest sea kayakers and expeditioners, such as Freya Hoffmeister, and she has helped bring many more into the spotlight through her productions.

Before modern solutions such as Go Pros were around, Justine developed her own waterproof camera and suction mount to film her sea kayaking, leading to a unique ‘in your face’ style, which she has become known for. Justine also has also branched in to open canoeing, showcasing even more wilderness areas as well as whitewater kayaking.

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