(2015 ☆ ARCHIVED) Gerrit van Dalfsen - Netherlands

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GERRIT VAN DALFSEN (Netherlands) - Nominee for the 'Foundation Award.'


Websites: http://www.tijdteam.nlhttp://home.planet.nl/~gdalfsen/

Gerrit van Dalfsen has developed a unique sports timing device which has enabled the sport of canoe slalom to grow in the Netherlands. For the past 40 years Gerrit has spent a considerable amount of time and money developing this system which is now readily used in Holland and Belgium.

The software, Ariadne, is an application for event registration, time measurement and results ranking for canoe / kayak events. It has primarily been designed for the management of competitions with over 300 entries, in which events are grouped into program blocks, scheduled over a period of one or more days. Ariadne can also be used for smaller competitions. There are different versions for canoe slalom, marathon, river races and regattas.

This software has been used at notable recent events including: The Belgium and Dutch National Championships, Sprint and Slalom Holland Cups, Dutch Ocean Ski championships and Dutch national selection regattas.

Gerrit is also the owner of a related product called Timingteam which provides: timing services for canoe/kayak events including, event entries, race management, time keeping and scoring, real time results published on displays and the internet; and the development and integration of software with equipment for timing services.

Mr Dalfsen is also the webmaster for two Dutch Canoe Clubs, Rotterdam Canoe Athletic Club and Eindhovense Canoe Club. He has also developed software for administrators of canoe clubs to help join associations and develop and maintain a membership database package.

Outside of his paddlesports commitments Gerrit is a qualified Engineer and Philosopher and loves to keep busy. He has also completed his Masters Degree and Thesis on Philosophy and Religious Philosophy.

Gerrit’s commitment to the technological advancement of canoe/kayak in his country has earned him a nomination for a Foundation Award. 

Activities and achievements off the water:

  • Gerrit enjoys collect litter during his jogging lap around the Koot Wijkse sand.

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