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CANOESPORT (Russia) - Nominee for the 2015 'Media Professional of the Year' award.

Website: http://canoesport.ru
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/canusport
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/canoesport
Instagram: https://instagram.com/canoesport


CanoeSport has become one of the most visited news websites for sprint canoeing. Founded in 2008 by a family (Medvedev) of paddling professionals, CanoeSport now has more than 21,300 followers on Instagram, over 3,600 friends on Facebook and attracts up to 1500 people to their website each day. Their goal was to create a hub of information and resources for canoe and kayak paddlers and motivate and inspire these sportsmen and women to get on the water and train and compete to their very best.

Originally targeted to the Russian paddlesports community, CanoeSport now has a following around the world. Whilst the articles they post are written in Russian, the videos and photos they share appeal to a wide audience, giving sprint canoe the publicity it deserves.

A lot of their success can be pinned to their quick rise to fame on Instagram. The quirky video montages of training and racing, motivational photos and tributes to the sports best athletes appeals to paddlers and supporters young and old.

Focussing on National (Russia) and International competitions, CanoeSport also offers a complete history of canoeing, a list of competition results, a calendar of events and provisions of competition plus advice on sports nutrition, health and medicine and much more.

CanoeSport is now operated by Sergey Medvedev, with his mother and father helping with photograhy and video editing.  The Medvedev family have a rich history in canoeing with Sergey's grandfather, Fedor Matveevich Kuznetsov, being a seven-time USSR Canoe Sprint Champion and his grandmother devoting her whole life to canoeing.  CanoeSport represents the history of canoeing and kayaking and using this website Sergey wants to save the great traditions of this beautiful sport.

CanoeSport has reignited peoples passion for paddlesports through their topical and detailed coverage of canoeing and kayaking and depiction of the sport through video and photos on their website and within social media. For this they have been nominated by the community for the WPA 'Media Professional Award'.

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