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M.A.R. Kayaks was established in 1978.

The first factory was no more than 50m² and it was here that Manuel Ramos, founder, produced his first boats for self-use. As the sport was growing in Portugal the company increased its dimension.

After years of accumulating experience and knowledge, Nelo started its overseas adventure; Spain was the beginning of its international exponential development, based on the gathering of information and experience.

It is now the largest canoe manufacturer in the world for competitive boats, and with no doubt one of the best. The factory is more than 7000m² with a 100 employees; a large percentage who do or have done kayaking - this is something that Nelo's management are proud of as well as obviously contributing to their success.

Throughout the years Nelo has acquired the knowledge, technology and know-how to be able to produce different types of boats and other composite parts with the same craftsmanship.


Since its start in 1978 Nelo has produced more than 30,000 boats with an extensive range of models, constructions and technology.

The first self-designed boats date back to the end of the 80’s. These models were improvements made from original designs, the first full original design appeared in the mid 90’s.

Now all models are designed and thought up by Nelo, with the help of professional personnel and techniques. The work done by theIr Naval Engineer and of R&D Engineer, as well as a large investment in prototyping machinery, has proved effective in making the self-design and conception very rewarding.

The challenge of constant improvement leads  through a development process. This process started with one concept that lies underneath all designs. During the years some readjustments were made yet this concept is still used both in touring and sprint boats.


Nelo are based in Vila do Conde, a small city just North of Porto, in the North of Portugal.

Besides the main factory and office, the company has many retailers all over the world.

Website: www.nelo.eu


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