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'Media Professional of the Year'* is an accolade for journalists, writers, publishers, photographers, film-makers, commentators, presenters, media platforms, PR-gurus and so on.

Example nominees:

* An expert videographer in paddlesports who has helped to further promote them globally: a film-maker, Go Pro enthusiast, podcast-maker, a documentarian.

* A paddlesports photographer who captures the action, the light, the environment and the athletes' expressions professionally in high definition.

* An athlete who has developed a recognisable media profile by online presence, blogging, commentating, video hosting etc.

* A journalist who best keeps readers informed of paddlesports news and breaking stories either by written word or on-screen interviewing (online, print, broadcast).


1) Videos, films, photographs and articles must have been produced in the last year.

2) Film and videos: editing, camera angles, cinematography, story-telling, action footage, quality and online reception will all be considered.

3) Ensuring that photographic skill is genuine and repetitive, 3 pictures taken in the last year by each nominated photographer will be examined by our Academy. Only in exceptional circumstances will a one-off image be considered.

4) Three separate articles per entry for writers, three separate videos for presenters and hosts.


*The 'Media Professional' award was previously known as 'Media Ambassador' in the 2014-15 cycle.



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