Daniele Momenti - Italian

Daniele Molmenti - Member of the World Paddle Awards Academy

Daniele Molmenti’s name will go down in the history books as one of the best slalom kayak paddlers the world has ever seen.  As the first and so far only K1M athlete to win Gold at every major event: Olympics, World Championships and European Championships, his achievements on water have been nothing short of astonishing.

Having won his first international medal in 2004 at the European Championships, the Italian quickly became one of the powerhouses of canoe slalom racing. Between 2008 and 2012 the Italian won the majoring of his international medals, consisting of six individual medals from the European and World Championships, plus three European and five World Championship teams medals.

His success throughout this period culminated in a dominant display at the 2012 London Olympics where he won Gold in the K1M. A win that came on his 28th Birthday.

After a disrupted last four years of training, Daniele decided to retire from competition after missing out on qualification for the 2016 Olympic Games. But he will not be walking away from the sport completely. Following his announcement, he was appointed – together with former Brazilian head coach Ettore Ivaldi – to the position of the technical director of the Italian national team. A role that we are sure he will shine in.

In addition to this Daniele will also join World Paddle Awards Academy. His passion for the sport, achievements and dedication to everything he becomes involves with will see him become an invaluable member of the team. 

Daniele is married to Eleonore and together they have a son. Later this year (2017) Eleonore will give birth to their second child.

International Medals:
Gold medal – 2012 Olympic Games – London – K1M
Gold medal – 2009 European Championships – Nottingham – K1M
Gold medal – 2010 World Championships – Tacen – K1M
Gold medal – 2011 European Championships – La Seu d'Urgell – K1M
Gold medal – 2012 European Championships – Augsburg – K1M
Gold medal – 2013 World Championships – Prague – K1M team
Silver medal – 2008 European Championships – Krakow – K1M
Silver medal – 2005 World Championships – Penrith – K1M team
Silver medal – 2006 World Championships – Prague – K1M team
Silver medal – 2008 European Championships – Krakow – K1M team
Bronze medal – 2004 European Championships – Skopje – K1M
Bronze medal – 2005 European Championships – Tacen – K1M team
Bronze medal – 2010 World Championships – Tacen – K1M team
Bronze medal – 2011 World Championships – Bratislava – K1M team
Bronze medal – 2015 European Championships – Markkleeberg – K1M team


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